Future Visioning
Jointly identifying and planning a course for your comapny's future.
Developing Futures Vision
Are you faced with a big decision upon a new path and require scenario development for the future and answer critical questions along the way? Or you want to bring trends to life through the lens of your business and build solid foundation and roadmap for novel concepts?

To ensure your business heads in the right direction with a minimum of unwanted detours, we designed Future Vision Sprint to help you design solid and actionable futures strategy road map.

Future Vision Sprint
Focused on exploring futures scenarios, creating an aligned vision for your business by using a structured process.

Duration: 1 Day or 2 Days
How it works
Before we start we will jointly define the sprint challange, decide who the sprint team members will be, where and when the session will take place, and discuss other relevant details.
Future Sprint Facilitation
Now when all is clear we can kick off the Strategy Sprint and dive into your futures vision! Depending on your needs and number of futures scenarios you wish to explore, we offer 1 or 2 day Startegy Sprints.
Next Steps
After the Future Vision Sprint we will have new insights and tested scenarios, which is a solid base for developing new concepts, products or services for your business. We will help you with that through our Design Spint.
Ready for Future Vision Sprint?
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