Technology Scouting
Matching leading industry companies with
the most innovative growth startups

Technology Scouting
We work with top established companies and corporations who seek ways to design, built and manage buildings more effectively, grow their revenue and be fit for the future, by implementing new technologies. Starting with defining your goal, we follow with finding and selecting the best an most innovative technology partners for your business or project.
Why using our tech scouting service?
No need to re-invent the wheel
Thousands of startups are already providing solutions and innovations for your industry. You don't need to start from scratch and invest your time and financial resources into something which already exists. Instead we find them for you and help you set up the best forward for an effective collaboration.

Boost your growth through acquisition
The startup acquisitions is often a part of a business growth strategy. We look for your potential strategic partners and acquisition targets that will be your growth engine for the next 2-5 years.
Deep dive into the industry's future
Get insights and understand trends and technologies that will influence the future direction of your industry. Only then you can design and executue the right growth plan for your business.
Get an external Innovation Lab
Tech Innovators and startups are an important source of innovation for established companies in the built environment. Collaboration with them is like having an "external R&D lab" with lower cost for experimentation and technology adoption. Plus they often Identify new and future trends for the industry.
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